Meet M.O.M.

Sometimes – just when you feel settled, the world jolts you into something that just months ago would seem unfathomable. On 3/19 California’s Safer-at-home order did just that. Our 15 year DTLA Manufacturing business was instantly deemed “unessential” and everything that seemed so routine, and comfortable, was suddenly flipped upside down.

Within days, the Mayor of Los Angeles issued a call to action for apparel manufacturers in the City of Los Angeles, to pivot into mask manufacturers. We applied immediately.

And just like that, we went from home in pajamas, to a full force mask-making machine, using stock fabrics that met the guidelines of the LA Protects initiative. Within 24 hours, hundreds and then thousands of masks were flying out the door.

But here we were, back to work… in some warped and strange version of normal, when everything around us was anything but. Although we immediately knew that for every mask we sold, we would donate 1 to essential workers, we had to wonder was that enough?

It became clear that there were 2 types of stories deriving from this pandemic- those who were financially secure, whose income and livelihood were untouched, and those whose sense of security were turned upside down. We reached out to friends to help, and the enthusiastic call to action, was substantial. "Those who have should give to those who don’t" – (Thanks, Dave Stone!). In accessing our excitement, connections, and deep desire to help, Dave Stone, VP of Music Bunim Murray, created the vision for M.O.M. (Millions of Masks). With the help of more friends (because it takes a village!) this website / initiative was born, and 2 Moms, with the means and capability to make a difference, did just that. So if you are one of the ones who has, or can, join our army of giving, and let's make a difference… OR if you are one that needs MOM - we are here for you! Let's get through this together. 

- Hayley, Gina, Dave, & Trevor (village people)